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Tech Matters: Snapchat is a conversation, Instagram is a vanity app


Snapchat has come under attack by tech analysts since its IPO announcement with news that Instagram is taking significant user share from Snapchat with its introduction of Stories, a replica of Snap Stories


Tech Matters: Understand your emojis before you use them at work

Angry emoji head man

The emoji named “grinning face with smiling eyes” that shows a very toothy expression resembles a grimace on iPhone and an outright laugh on a Samsung Android, a toothless grin on an LG Android and a huge toothy smile on a Google Android phone. You can see the problem: “What a...


Tech Matters column: How to save text messages

African Business woman texting with smartphone at office

Texting is the most widely used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97 percent of Americans using it at least once a day.

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