Woman may face charges for threats against lawmaker

Apr 27 2011 - 9:34am

CLEARFIELD -- Police are serious about following up on threats directed at Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, in reference to House Bill 210.

Sergeant Kyle Jefferies said police sent charges to the Davis County Attorney's office on Monday against a 54-year-old woman from Clinton, who e-mailed Oda after the lawmaker announced he wants to change the state's animal cruelty law and make it legal to kill feral animals.

"Anytime that you're going to make any kind of law where you can justify or legalize killing an animal, you're going to have serious heated debates and people are going to get mad, but there is no reason to make the threats," Jefferies said. "You can tell him that you don't like it, you can tell him you want him to do something else, or vote against him or vote someone else in that you know wouldn't do that, but there's no reason to make the threats to do anything to him."

Jefferies said the suspect's name will not be released unless the county attorney's office decides to file the charges. He said the e-mail meets the elements of the Utah Criminal Statute for threats to influence an official or political action, which is a class A misdemeanor.

A copy of the e-mail is not yet available to the Standard-Examiner since the investigation is still ongoing, Jefferies said.

Jefferies said there are still two or three more e-mail threats that the Clearfield Police Department is investigating.

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