Utah Attorney General on 4th type of chemotherapy

Apr 19 2011 - 12:04pm

SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is on his fourth type of chemotherapy as he tries to find one that will combat his colon cancer while not drastically affecting his heart.

Spokesperson Paul Murphy says the intravenous and pill forms of the chemotherapy drug were giving Shurtleff "heart attacks." The new regimen started three weeks ago directly injects the drugs rapidly into his chest. The change of course means Shurtleff still has another five months left of treatment.

The drugs also began to cause hair loss, which is why Shurtleff's sons -- Heath and Tommy -- and son-in-law Nat Gardner recently shaved their heads to show support.

Murphy says the new regimen has lingering and cumulative effects, though the attorney general continues to perform all duties associated with the job.

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