Hall moves eStation to AmeriCan Complex

Jan 21 2010 - 1:13am


(Nicholas Draney/Standard-Examiner) Alan Hall poses at the AmeriCan Complex where he is moving the eStation offices to this weekend.
(Nicholas Draney/Standard-Examiner) Alan Hall poses at the AmeriCan Complex where he is moving the eStation offices to this weekend.

OGDEN -- Alan E. Hall is hoping to give the ghosts of Ogden's business past a boost in influencing the city's future prosperity.

The founder and chairman of Grow Utah Ventures announced Wednesday his plans to move the organization's Ogden eStation, an incubator for new businesses, to a new location with much more history.

After four years in operation, the eStation, now in the former bus station on 25th Street, will move to the AmeriCan Complex at 2036 Lincoln Ave., starting this weekend.

"I'll bet there's not a person in Ogden that doesn't have a relative that worked here at one time or another," he said, pointing to a historical photo of his own uncle working on an assembly line there.

Hall believes the eStation, now with seemingly limitless opportunities to grow with 3,200 square feet and another empty building behind it ready to expand even further, has the capability of assisting dozens of small companies get off the ground.

"The eStations are designed to create an environment where an entrepreneur or small business owner can thrive and learn how to be a productive business," Hall said "For our part, we try to meet regularly with our tenants to see what help they need, provide mentorship formally and informally, walk down the halls and chat with them, and make a lot of introductions."

With other organizations in the building designed to serve area businesses, Hall believes companies that relocate to the eStation will save money on infrastructure and be surrounded by opportunities.

He said for a few hundred dollars a month per desk, a small company obtains not only its own address but also a shared conference room and an environment for success as employees surround themselves with other entrepreneurial businesses.

"When I started my Market Star, it was out of my basement but it wasn't much of an address," Hall said. "I would meet customers in a hotel."

Jeff Pollock, director of account management for Future Now, Inc., a tenant now at the eStation, said while he and the other employees in his company started with extensive corporate experience four years ago, they had never been entrepreneurs.

"Business school didn't prepare you for that," he said.

But being around people like Hall, he said, took much of the fear away.

"It's good to be around those that have been there," he said.

While Grow Utah Ventures has previously limited the number of eStation tenants to a handful, it now will potentially serve dozens of companies, Hall said.

Those interested in learning how to locate their small business there may call Justin Bott at (801) 593-2269. The company also has eStations in Logan and Kaysville.

For more information about the new location in Ogden and other eStations visit www.growutahventures.com.

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