Goode Ski hires new sales and marketing vice president

Apr 15 2010 - 10:19pm

OGDEN -- Goode Ski Technologies has hired industry veteran Kirk Langford to fill a position of vice president for worldwide sales and marketing.

Langford, an Ogden native, said he's excited to join Goode and is looking forward to promoting the company's carbon innovation for snow skis, ski poles, water skis and water ski bindings.

"It's an opportunity to take carbon innovation and put it in the premier place in the ski business," he said Thursday.

Langford said in a prepared statement that he is impressed with the commitment of Dave Goode, the company's president and chief executive officer, to product excellence.

Goode said he's excited that Langford has joined his company. Langford's knowledge and professional experience will enable the firm to launch new products, grow its brand and improve consumer, distributor and retailer relationships worldwide, Goode said.

Before joining Goode, Langford worked three years as vice president of sales for Nordica USA, where he was responsible for increasing brand share, product strength and retailer relations.

Before that, Langford was executive vice president of Marker USA, a leader in the ski binding industry.

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