New mineral collection site to open near Promontory

Jul 31 2010 - 11:00pm


OGDEN -- Trace Minerals Research is opening a new mineral collection site on the west side of Promontory as it expands its production of mineral supplements in Ogden.

The company sells a wide variety of food supplements and minerals. Matt Kilt, a managing partner of the company, said the new facility consists of evaporation ponds that will produce magnesium chloride for use in some of the supplements the company sells.

A release from the company says "the new facility is more modern, more secure and uses solar energy to power many of its manufacturing operations." Kilt said the evaporation ponds cover about three acres adjacent to Great Salt Lake.

"Its an extraction facility," Kilt said. "We get magnesium chloride, we concentrate the minerals down and we sell supplements around the world. We bring it back to our facility (in Ogden) and we do extensive testing on it, we put a lot of money into that."

In that respect Trace Minerals is similar to Great Salt Lake Minerals, although on a vastly smaller scale. Both companies use evaporation ponds to let water from Great Salt Lake evaporate so that the salts and minerals in the water can be recovered.

The difference is that GSL uses thousands of acres of ponds to extract chemicals used for fertilizers, while Trace Minerals product is used in supplements.

The new facility is located in the North Arm of Great Salt Lake, slightly north of Little Valley Harbor, which is on the west side of the Promontory Peninsula near the tip where the Union Pacific trestle used to cross. Kilt said the site was selected, in part, because it is surrounded by private property and can be easily secured.

Trace Minerals Research has been selling minerals and supplements for more than 35 years and has a worldwide market.

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