Hill AFB to negotiate for recycling center

Nov 3 2010 - 10:53pm

HILL AIR FORCE BASE -- Less than a week after breaking ground on the largest enhanced-use lease project in the history of the Air Force, Hill Air Force Base has new plans for more of its underutilized land.

Harry Briesmaster, 75th Civil Engineering Group director at Hill, said the Air Force Real Property Agency and Hill will soon begin negotiations with Ogden Hill Community Energy LLC to develop a state-of-the art recycling and waste-handling facility on base.

"The negotiations will begin in about 10 days," Briesmaster said.

The facility could ultimately process up to 120,000 tons of recyclables and 200,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year.

"We are taking urban waste and converting it into a renewable fuel source," said Mary Enges, energy development program manager at Hill. "This project will reduce the environmental footprint of Northern Utah, while providing in-kind consideration and reduced operating expenses for (the base)."

The recycling center, which will be on a 10- to 11-acre parcel on the east side of the base, will include a classroom for expanding recycling education opportunities for the local community, waste reduction, energy conservation, efficiency, clean renewable energy and climate change.

Through the EUL program, the Air Force will lease the land to OHCE for development, and in exchange, the installation can receive lease payments in the form of cash or services, such as facility byproducts that can be converted to power.

Briesmaster said until negotiations progress, there is no cost or construction time frame associated with the project.

"My best guess is that it could take over a year to get through the negotiations, then another six to eight months to construct the facility," he said. "Right now, there aren't too many specifics on how the deal will be struck."

The waste-to-energy project at Hill is the latest in a growing portfolio of Air Force energy projects developed through the EUL program.

The AFRPA also has an agreement to lease with a private developer to create a photovoltaic solar array at Edwards Air Force Base in California and is currently working on a second energy project at Hill.

The agency is also looking at possible projects at other installations.

"This project is a perfect example of the unique benefits EULs can provide installations," said Bob Moore, director of the Air Force Real Property Agency. "It will create a renewable energy source, a recycling center to handle community waste, and a business opportunity for the developer."

The EUL program is a major part of AFRPA's mission to manage, acquire and dispose of Air Force property worldwide.

To date, the agency has more than 30 EUL projects in various stages of development at bases throughout the United States and its territories.

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