Box Elder courthouse repair costs pared down

Jan 16 2011 - 10:38pm

BRIGHAM CITY -- While it seems as if the dust has barely settled from renovations at the Box Elder County Courthouse, portions of the old building are once again feeling a carpenter's touch.

While the county initially estimated the cost of current renovations to be around $80,000, that number has been pared down to approximately $30,000. Commissioner LuAnn Adams and Donnie Tarver, county director of building and inspections, worked to come up with creative measures to decrease the final cost.

"Everybody gave up a little bit," said Adams.

The Capital Improvement Projects Committee has approved up to $36,711 for renovations, but Tarver said when all projects are completed, he believes the total will be closer to $30,000.

A number of events have made the newest renovations necessary.

The Utah State University Extension office will be moving back into the courthouse after renting space at the USU Brigham City Campus since 2002.

In addition, a state mandate to separate the offices of recorder-clerk and assessor-treasurer made it necessary to add two more elected officials and office space for them to work in.

Several county offices are being shuffled around to accommodate this change.

Last fall, the County Justice Court, the County Attorney's Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles moved into space at the new Justice Court building, which freed up a large section of the second floor.

Today, USU Extension will be moving into the county courthouse, into space formerly occupied by the economic development staff, which will move upstairs into the current building inspector's offices. In the next three weeks, work will be completed to provide office space for Tourism and the County Auditor's office.

"We're working at a rapid pace to get everyone settled back down again," said Tarver.

Even with the cost of renovation, the county still will see a substantial savings overall. The county had been paying $12,000 per year to rent office space at USU Brigham City for the extension office.

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