L. Mitch Adams candidate for Clinton Mayor

Oct 21 2009 - 4:34pm

Name: L. Mitch Adams

Age: 50

Occupation: Project Manager at Hill Air Force Base

Family: Married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Hobbies: Camping, fishing, boating, enjoying the outdoors with grandchildren.

1. Name some of the qualifications you possess that makes you the best choice to represent your city?

As the Mayor of Clinton City I have the experience necessary to identify the difference between needs and wants. The operation of a city is a balancing act of revenue verses expenditures, subsequently, it is essential that the needs be funded and the wants be prioritized and considered as funding becomes available. If the city Council and Mayor funded every want, the tax burden on the citizens would become unbearable.


2. What political ideals and philosophies guide your decision-making process?

I always try to take into account what impact the decisions that we make today will have on the community not only today but 20 years into the future. I want to create the highest possible quality of life at a price we all can afford by continuing to shepherd in the transformation of Clinton city. I have advocated larger residential lots, commercial landscaping and the development of architectural standards. I anticipate that the next administration will be bombarded with requests for higher density housing, lower landscaping requirements and loosening of standards. I am committed to holding developers to the existing standards without incentives or concessions.


3. What is the most important issue facing your city?

In today's economy, containing the costs and expenditures of Clinton City so that taxes don't have to be raised is the single biggest issue. At the start of my administration Clinton City was the second highest taxed city in Davis County. Today Clinton City enjoys a tax rate that is 8 or 9th lowest out of the 15 Davis County Cities. History shows that my administration knows how to keep cost in check and how to generate commercial tax revenue.


4. Name some qualities that you possess that make you a good team worker and able to bring consensus among city leaders.

I earnestly listen to the members of the council and the public and value their opinion. I try to view an issue from every possible perspective and anticipate the unforeseen consequences of decisions. I propose alternatives that will address any issues or concerns.

I have the tenacity for doing what is right and telling it as I see it. I have always been honest and forthright with the council, public and others that I deal with.


5. What do you think will be some major issues your city will face a generation from now?

Many of the roads in Clinton will reach the end of their life a generation from now and will require a significant financial investment to rehabilitate. Through careful planning for the future many of the foreseeable challenges of the future are being addressed today. For example, the current administration has built a City Hall, Police Station and Fire Station that will serve the needs of the city for next generation and beyond. Because water and land will not be readily available in the future this administration has purchased additional water and park space that will be will be needed by the future generations. By investing in tomorrow's problems today, the future generations will be able to expend their financial resources on the unforeseen challenges of the next generation.










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