Shawn L. Smith candidate for West Haven City Council

Oct 21 2009 - 7:46pm


Shawn L. Smith
Shawn L. Smith

Name: Shawn L Smith

Age: 47

Occupation: Outside sales for C.F.C. Supply a West Haven based company SClBFamily: Married to Linda 24 great years, blessed with 6 fun and happy children, most of the time.

Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors with my family, whether we are camping, riding ATV's, snowboarding, or just site seeing. I would love to have a snowmobiling some day. I also love to build things with wood, steel or even concrete.

1. Name some of the qualifications you possess that makes you the best choice to represent your city?

Served on the planning commission for 3 years, have served as the Vice Chair and currently serving as Planning Commission Chairman. Serving on the Planning Commission has been a great eye opener, I have learned so much. This is one reason I would like to move on to City Council. I served several wonderful years as an ecclesiastical leader. Been active in community politics through attending Caucus meetings and serving as a State and County delegate. Served on the Agricultural Board.


2. What political ideals and philosophies guide your decision-making process? SClBI do not consider myself a politician; I am a citizen who cares deeply about what happens to this city and community I think we are well represented when good, honest, everyday people, choose to get involved. I will listen to the people who elect me to represent them, and work for them.


3. What is the most important issue facing your city? SClBA healthy city has to be run on the revenue it collects. How will we continue to balance the budget? Can we continue running the city without a city tax? (Definitely my goal) We will have to live with in our revenue. We will need to bring new funds into the city, while not sacrificing all of our open space. But we must also allow land owners the right to develop their property.


4. Name some qualities that you possess that make you a good team worker and able to bring consensus among city leaders.

I am an open minded problem solver, willing to listen. I like to see everyone on the council speak their mind openly and share ideas, and then we can solve the problem at hand. I am dedicated, and very dependable, always willing to help others. I can be firm but also gentle.


5. What do you think will be some major issues your city will face a generation from now? SClBHave we done a good job of planning as we go, or will we leave a mess for our children? Will there be enough water for them? Will there be some open spaces still around? Will we leave them in debt or will we leave them with cash in the bank?

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