SARC office gets new deputy, new location

Friday , August 06, 2010 - 11:14 AM

Lee Anne Hensley - Hilltop Times staff

There have been some changes at the 75th Air Base Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator's office -- it now has a new deputy SARC and a new location.

What was once the 388th Fighter Wing Distributed Mission Operations center in Building 118, on "E" Avenue, is now home to the SARC team, comprised of Janaee Stone, SARC, and 2nd Lt. Julianne Douglas, the new deputy SARC.

Douglas has filled this special-duty position since Nov. 16 and is "on loan" from the 75th Force Support Squadron Military Personnel Section to serve in the deputy SARC position. Although she is new to the role of deputy SARC, she is not a stranger to the SARC team. Douglas previously aided the SARC team as a victim advocate, a role she sought to fill since she first arrived at Hill Air Force Base more than a year ago. Victim advocates are volunteers who are trained in advocacy and sexual assault crisis intervention and assigned by the SARC team to provide support, liaison services and care to victims of sexual assault.

"I've always been big on helping people and serving my community in volunteer positions," Douglas said. "In high school, I served on a crisis hotline. Whenever there is a need, I feel compelled to respond to it."

Almost immediately after she arrived at Hill AFB, Douglas contacted the SARC office to volunteer as a victim advocate. Soon, Stone learned of Douglas' qualifications that met the requirements of the deputy SARC position.

"My (Air Force Specialty Code) is 38F which is a Force Support Officer and it's the only AFSC that can hold this position," said Douglas. "When I was working as a victim advocate for Janaee, she found out I was a 38F, and she was in need of someone to fill Capt. Jose Milan's spot as the deputy SARC and asked if I would be interested in that."

In describing the numerous duties of her position, Douglas offered a simplified list. "We respond to victims, provide resources -- both on and off base resources -- to victims, set up any medical exams such as the Sexual Assault Forensics Exam, or SAFE kit, provide support for investigations, coordinate everything for our victim advocates and, of course, there are administrative duties to handle. And then there's training -- training is a big part of our jobs. We provide (sexual assault prevention and awareness) training to First Term Airmen, civilian new hires and base newcomers. We also are available for training during commander's calls.

"This topic (sexual assault) can be such a difficult and confusing topic for people to understand. Education about this topic can be really powerful in helping prevent sexual assaults from occurring. Education is key to prevention."

Douglas added that commanders are welcomed to contact her to arrange a speaking engagement at their next commanders' calls.

Douglas also attends local and national trainings to be able to offer Team Hill Airmen the most up-to-date information on sexual assault awareness and prevention.

"I will be attending a SARC course in May at Maxwell (Air Force Base, Ala.). It will teach official procedures and how to perform the SARC job. I also recently completed training with the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault that provided a state certification as a victim advocate."

Douglas will also coordinate the numerous activities the SARC office will host during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, held in the month of April. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's Web site,, the goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence, focusing specifically on sexual assault and rape, and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. The SARC office plans to fill the month with awareness campaigns and events on base throughout the month.

Her obligations are enough to keep her busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that's acceptable for Douglas since those are her posted office hours, anyway.

"We are available anytime -- holidays, weekends -- we always have our phones on us."

Douglas can be reached at (801) 777-1964 or (801) 430-3368 and Stone can be reached at (801) 777-1985 or (801) 920-9179.

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