Syracuse council denies waiver request from sewer district

Feb 8 2011 - 12:00am

SYRACUSE -- The city council has denied a request from the North Davis Sewer District that the city waive connection and impact fees to the city's secondary water system for five district-owned rental properties.

The district owns property with homes on 4000 West within the city and had requested the connection and impact fees be waived. The waiver would have amounted to approximately $24,518, Building Inspector Ted Couch said.

A vote to deny the request was unanimous.

Couch told council members the district intends to rent the homes as a source of revenue, and city officials chose to ignore the waiver, citing the fact the request was made for a revenue-generating project.

Mayor Jamie Nagle worried about precedent and said granting the waiver would start the city down a slippery slope.

Couch noted the district waives connection and impact fees for all city-owned projects, but does not waive those same fees for revenue-generating projects.

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