Mayors' weight-loss challenge on

Jun 3 2011 - 11:05pm



LAYTON -- Syracuse Mayor Jamie Nagle offered the challenge; Layton Mayor Steve Curtis was quick to accept.

Their friendly wager will result in one of the mayors attending a high school football game this fall to sit in the middle of the opposing team's cheering section and wear that team's colors. Plus, they will have to cheer for the other city's team.

"I've told him it's game on," Nagle said. "I understand he's very competitive and so am I, so it will be interesting to see who is most competitive."

Nagle said she and her husband, Kevin, recently went to dinner with Curtis and his wife, RaeLynn. That was when Nagle told Curtis that she could lose a higher percentage of body fat than Curtis could lose.

"I thought it might be a fun challenge," Nagle said.

Curtis, who immediately accepted Nagle's challenge, said the formula to decide the winner will be similar to that used on "The Biggest Loser" and the contest will last until Sept. 1. The pair will have a weekly weigh in, starting next week, so they can track their losses.

"The point is, to just lose pounds isn't the answer to a healthier life," Curtis said. "We need to do this in a smart way that would indicate exactly the lifestyle we are trying to portray."

Since Layton has two high schools -- Layton and Northridge -- should Nagle lose, she would cheer for either the Lancers or the Knights when they play Syracuse. If Curtis loses, he will have to cheer for Syracuse when the Titans play either Layton or Northridge.

Along with being a fun challenge, the main goal of the friendly wager is to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to find ways to live better.

Nagle said Syracuse recently began a wellness program for city employees that included a 5K run Wednesday. She said it is easy to justify not doing what we know we should to try to be healthy.

"The busier I've become, the less importance I've placed on it," Nagle said. "I use busyness as an excuse to justify it, but everybody is busy so I thought I need to be focused on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle even if you're busy."

Both mayors said they are taking the challenge seriously and each knows that both will be real winners following the contest.

"Even though I feel healthy, I know I'm not because I've been in a position where I was very healthy and the feeling is much greater," Curtis said. "We need to have others also look at their own lives and find things that could possibly improve their overall outlook on life, which could come from living a healthier life."

Nagle said that it is more difficult for people to maintain a healthy weight as they get older, and that it is important for people to remember that they do not need to look like a supermodel in order to be healthy.

"You just need to find whatever is healthy for you," Nagle said.

The two mayors are also planning on running the half-marathon as part of the Layton Marathon on Oct. 8.

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