Pleasant View mayor: No trucks on 600 West

Jul 4 2011 - 9:55pm


PLEASANT VIEW -- While the city is still revising the truck route ordinance, Mayor Doug Clifford said the city will not direct heavy gravel trucks down 600 West, but will instead route them down a short length of Elberta Drive and then west on Pleasant View Drive.

Clifford said the staff evaluated the extra cost for improvements to 600 West so it could withstand the wear and tear of the large trucks, and said the cost would be roughly $250,000.

"That's a very conservative estimate," said Community Development Director Bruce Talbot.

"At one time we talked about when 600 West was reconstructed, we would make it the truck route," said Clifford. "We had a lot of residents here (at a prior council meeting) who said no way, no matter what you do, 600 West should not be used.

"Butters (of Towers Sand and Gravel) did make a strong case that it was the shortest route."

A Butters official had said that the shortest route for its trucks out of the city would be the safest, with less contact with other automobiles and residents, but upset residents pointed out there were hundreds of children playing soccer and other sports at Shady Lane Park on 600 West, as well as horses in the area.

Councilman Michael Humphreys said Pleasant View needs to encourage North Ogden to make a designated truck route through that city.

"They said they don't want the traffic," said Humphreys. "It's one of the reasons this was brought to our attention, North Ogden saying we don't want your trucks."

Council members also discussed how to address large trucks that make local deliveries, such as furniture deliveries, and deliveries to new home construction.

Talbot suggested an exception to the truck route be included in the ordinance for one- or two-time local deliveries. Also discussed was the idea of those making local deliveries being required to inform the city.

"If it is a single haul, let the guy get the job done without the huge burden of having to contact the city," said Councilman Tim Hjorten.

"The critical issue is that 99 percent of trucks are hauling to outside the area and hauling from the pit," said Clifford.

He said if the city made the ordinance too restrictive they would have to arrest everybody bringing in local deliveries.

The trucking ordinance was continued and sent back to staff for definitions on local deliveries and exceptions to the truck route, which Clifford said will mainly be down Pleasant View Drive.

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