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Jun 7 2010 - 3:58pm


Here are some of the written comments we have received since we began our summer comic tryouts in May. You can e-mail comments to or simply leave comments here. Also you can vote in our poll HERE and HERE. We plan to conduct another tryout session in July.


Your last months comic tryouts ("Dustin" and "Home and Away") were interesting. I vote for "Dustin" to make the team and "Home and Away" to be cut.

You mentioned that you would like to try two more strips in July. To make room for the two new tryouts, I would like to recommend the following.

    (1) Remove "Pearls Before Swine", "Home and Away", and "Hi & Lois" in that order

    (2) Do not return "F-Minus"

    (3) Keep "Dustin"

    (4) Return "For Better or for Worse"

For your demographic appeal, I am a 66 year old retired professional male and I read the comic strips daily. They are a refreshing relief from the world's problems.



Please, please, please bring F-minus back for good. Please? :)



I have been reading the comics since the 1970s.  I'm 50 if you want to put me into a demographic.
My favorites are Luann, Red and Rover, Pickles, Zits, Dilbert, Blondie, and Garfield.
My least favorites are For Better or Worse, Family Circus, Pearls Before Swine, Dennis the Menace, and Frank and Ernest.
Dustin, Home and Away, and F minus all all better than Better or Worse.
I didn't like Family Circus when I was 25 and I still don't.  It is just stupid. Drop this one.
I have decided over the years that I don't like For Better or Worse.  The caracter Elli hates being a mom.  The author is more interested in social engineering than entertainment. Drop this one.
Is Fox Trott still being written?  That one is good. Calvin and Hobbs is my all time favorite.  Too bad it isn't still being written.
Thanks for trying to have a good comics page and printing it in color.


I would like to suggest (Brewster Rocket and Marmaduke) be added to the comic page both Are very funny and appeals to all age groups.

Thank You, Michael


like Dustin, but don't care for Home and Away.  Here is a list of others that I don't care for or read:  Baby Blues, Garfield, Luann, Pearls Before Swine,  F-Minus, and B.C..  I like all of the others.  I am 67.



Hi Andy,
Just thought I'd put my two cents in about the comics.  I'm a 41 year old married female, in case you'd like statistics.  Personally, I am really enjoying the two new comic strips.  I think they are relevant to people's lives today, and they are well written and funny.  I especially like Dustin.  As far as replacing some of the current comics goes, I never read Pearls Before Swine, Mother Goose and Grimm, and I think Hagar the Horrible is not funny at all.  For Better or Worse was good, but I think it should have ended when she wrapped things up the first time.  After all, starting over on the same strip seems kind of lame.  And, I kind of liked F minus, if you're thinking of bringing that one back.

 Thanks for your time.



I have given my votes on the two newest cartoons, but email you to THANK YOU! for getting rid of F Minus. The term fits the stupidity of the cartoon. I could barely read the comics anymore because that one was SO bad. It was one of the dumbest ones ever in my opinion.
For what it's worth, I'm an avid subscriber of nearly 30 years, 56 years old, upper middle income professional.



Family Circus and Pickles are "must keep".   I really am quite tired of Hagar, Mother Goose & Grimm, Garfield and I see nothing funny about Tundra.  Pearls Before Swine & Frank & Ernest are two more that I give NO time to!  As for the two new comics that you are voting on - Dustin is a keeper.  NO on  Home & Away.
I am not really fond of the new layout in the Sunday Edition for the comics.   Just be sure to keep PICKLES!!



I just thought I'd write and give you my opinion concerning the recent possible changes to the comics. I've read both trial strips, "Dustin" and "Home and Away", and quite frankly, don't see anything remotely funny or interesting about either of them. For the record, I really like "F Minus" and would really hate to see it go. Such sarcastic strips as "F Minus, "Real Life Adventures", and "The Far Side" are some of my favorites. I enjoy reading "Luann" and "Zits", and I really liked "Overboard" when we had that years ago.

I think it's way past time to retire some other strips, such as "The Born Loser", "Garfield", "Hagar the Horrible", "Blondie", "Marvin", and last but not least, "The Family Circus". These strips are not funny at all and are usually just lame. I don't even bother reading them anymore, they're so stupid.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my opinions and I look forward to seeing some good comics come across our pages.





I'm responding to your invitation for input regarding 2 new comic strips. I read the paper, including some of my favorite comic strips, daily. My daughter reads the comics, religiously. Our favorite strip (both of us) is F-Minus. We were very disappointed to read (and see it happen) that you were shelving F-minus. Our vote is that you bring it back; as soon as possible! It's replacement, Home and Away, is boring and not funny, at all. The other new strip, Dustin, is an improvement, for the most part, over For Better or Worse. My daughter's comment was that it is similar to Zits, which she also likes.

There's our 2-bits worth of opinion. We hope others see things the same way, and that you readjust things soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to "vote".

Bob (and daughter, Abby)



I just wanted to add the opinion of my family. We enjoy F-minus and For better or for Worse much better than the new ones. In fact we hate the new ones and can't even stand to read them. Please change them back soon.


The Rasmussen Family



I meant to e-mail before when you announced in the newspaper that some comics would be switching out for a time. My teenaged daughter and I would just like to put our two cents in - we love "F Minus" cartoons! Many times they make us laugh and are the highlight of the comic page. When "F Minus" was first introduced, I'll admit I didn't "get it" and didn't like it but it soon grew to be something that both of us enjoy. We hope it will be brought back after a brief hiatus!


Janet and Katelyn



Good decision for removing "For Better or For Worse" but I was incredibly disappointed when I saw that "F Minus" was replaced. An online poll for comic selection is an amazing idea that I would love to see.


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