Alleged Walmart thief, gunman wants to change plea

Apr 27 2011 - 9:34am

FARMINGTON -- A man who is suspected of pulling a gun on Walmart employees after being caught with a laptop down his pants wants to change his plea.

Trent Allen Longton, 25, was scheduled to be sentenced on Monday but he informed Judge John R. Morris at the 2nd District Court in Farmington that he had changed his mind on his previous plea.

"I don't feel like I fully understood the charges when I signed them," Longton said.

On Feb. 7, Longton pleaded guilty to robbery, a second-degree felony, and unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, a class A misdemeanor, following a Jan. 13 incident at the Layton Walmart. Three other class A misdemeanors -- threat of a dangerous weapon in a fight, carrying a concealed dangerous weapon and obtaining an identifying document of another -- were dismissed.

Morris made mention of Longton's lengthy criminal record, which goes back to 2006, saying that this robbery charge was just the most recent.

"This was the most serious of the allegations," Deputy Davis County Attorney Jason Nelson told Morris.

Longton will be back in court on April 11 represented by Ronald Fujino, whom Morris appointed as Longton's new conflict counsel.

Morris told Longton to talk with Fujino to see if he has any options to change his plea. Morris also encouraged Longton to think long and hard about what he signs, as well as how he answers Morris' questions in the courtroom in the future.

Longton was on probation when he walked into the Layton store on Jan. 13. After asset protection associates from the store noticed him remove a laptop from its box and stuff the computer down his pants and under his shirt, they eventually brought him into the asset protection office.

That was where he reportedly pulled a gun on the Walmart employees, and four of the employees disarmed him and held him until police arrived. Those four employees were fired by Walmart the following week for violating store policy by not disengaging in an altercation when a weapon is shown.

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