Viewmont students win Mountain Dew competition

Apr 27 2011 - 9:35am

BOUNTIFUL -- Four Viewmont High School students are seeing green -- Mountain Dew green, to be exact.

That's because the four seniors, members of Viewmont's marketing, management and business club, DECA, won a two-week intensive Dew Tour marketing competition.

"I think we went without sleep for two weeks," said Breckon Heywood, DECA faculty adviser.

Marc Berbert, Matthew Beck, Brandon Buchanan and Scott Gold only had a couple weeks notice of the competition before they went up against Herriman, Davis and Bountiful high schools. Then it was nonstop work for the first two weeks of September.

"We had a pretty good audience," Buchanan said, "and it was Homecoming Week so we were pretty lucky with that."

The group tied in a lot of their marketing plans with the activities already happening at the school.

A kiddie pool filled with Mountain Dew became the Powder Puff football halftime activity. Those in attendance bobbed for grapes to win prizes.

Beck said the Dew Tour gave them merchandise and promotional material like tickets, shoelaces, postcards and T-shirts to help market the Dew Tour stop in Salt Lake City in September. Each high school also got a promo code to enter when buying tickets for that event on SmithTix, which factored into the win.

Heywood said she was proud of the team.

With Bountiful and Davis high schools so nearby it was challenging to stand out, she said, but her team's creativity and hard work paid off.

She said the administration at Viewmont was a big help too. While they were initially skeptical of what might happen, Heywood said they trusted the DECA team and it paid off.

Besides the soda pool, the team set up a gaming competition in the school's common area, made a half-pipe out of Mountain Dew boxes and brought the Homecoming game ball onto the field in a Dew-green Camaro, while throwing merchandise from the back of the car.

They even had local junior highs help on a smaller scale.

"They tried to mug us," Berbert said, laughing.

All the hard work paid off with free merchandise and Dew Tour guest passes for the best seats for the winning team.

Heywood said it was great to see the campaign succeed. Not only are her students headed to DECA state and national competitions, but they were excited to help the community understand the legitimacy of skateboarding as a sport, she said.

"DECA always teaches those good academic skills," Heywood said. "You've got the fun, social part of it, but it's academic based."

Real-world experience from DECA can help in almost any career, she said, and she's happy to see so many students getting interested in the club now.

Beck said he wishes more businesses would give students the kind of opportunity the Dew Tour did.

"If businesses were to trust teens to do more in the community, that could be great for us," he said.

"And we do it because we get free stuff," Berbert added.

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