Suspect arrested for assaulting, disarming Ogden officers

Apr 11 2011 - 11:35pm


Toya "Jeff" Jeffon Reynolds
Toya "Jeff" Jeffon Reynolds

OGDEN -- An ex-con battled with officers to the point that he's almost guaranteed a return to prison.

Charges of two counts of disarming an officer, two counts of assault by a prisoner and one count each of escape and cocaine possession were filed against Toya "Jeff" Jeffon Reynolds, 45, following his March 31 encounter with Ogden police.

The disarming counts, for allegedly gaining control briefly of officers' holstered weapons during the fisticuffs, are first-degree felonies carrying prison terms of five years to life.

His first week in jail last week, he refused to come out of his cell for arraignment on the charges, causing rescheduling of the arraignment five times, according to court records.

He finally relented and attended the hearing where the charges were formally read and a status conference set for this week in 2nd District Court.

He is being held without bail in the county jail.

Reynolds' arrest record goes back 25 years to 1986, totaling more than 20 felony arrests and seven misdemeanor cases, mostly for drugs and theft, with several prior assaults on police officers, court records show, and several state prison trips.

His latest adventure began as two Ogden gang detectives who had been surveilling a gang house the night of March 31 witnessed a drug sale involving Reynolds, according to court documents.

As he was being handcuffed by Detective Todd Watanabe, "Toya spun around, elbowing me in the face," Detective Nate Jacobsen wrote in a probable cause affidavit detailing the blow-by-blow.

Reynolds then grappled with Watanabe, grabbing his handgun until Watanabe was able to free the gun from Reynolds' grip, wrote Jacobsen. Watanabe then punched Reynolds several times as Reynolds grabbed at his holstered weapon.

Reynolds was pulling the gun from the holster when "I hit Toya in the back of the head and he let go of my gun," according to the affidavit.

Jacobsen now had his Taser out, and Reynolds grabbed it. "I pulled the Taser away and hit Toya a couple more times," he wrote. Other officers arriving on the scene finally helped subdue the suspect.

Reynolds was treated for cuts and bruises at McKay-Dee Hospital. As he was being taken to a patrol car by Officer Bob Evans for transport to jail, Reynolds fled in handcuffs briefly before he fell and needed a return to the hospital for stitches.

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