Roy considers adopting new Good Landlord program

Oct 10 2010 - 10:06pm

ROY -- Landlords will pay higher license fees if they don't sign up for the city's Good Landlord program which could go into effect as soon as Oct. 19.

That's when the city council will vote on the measure and the city will start adapting the program as business license renewals come up at the beginning of the year.

Community Development Director Tony Reynolds presented a timeline to the council at a recent meeting. If the program is approved, an orientation for landlords will be held Oct. 29. More information will go out in the city newsletter Nov. 1. Training seminars will be Nov. 10 and 11, and business license applications will be sent out Nov. 22.

If landlords choose not to participate in the program, which will cost approximately $59 for the training, they will pay a base fee of $145 and then $35 per unit. If they do decide to enroll in the program, they will pay only $8.50 per unit, which is the current license fee. The city is basing its rates on an outside study the city recently had done on disproportionate service fees. Roy currently has 41 apartment buildings with three or more tenants, 91 duplexes and 643 single-family rentals.

"We want to encourage all (landlords) to participate," Reynolds said.

If the city adopts the program, it will be the 11th city in the state to do so, but many others in the Top of Utah are looking at adding the program. Reynolds said there may be some landlords the city doesn't know of, and city staff will work on identifying all landlords.

An outside company will do the training for the program because the city doesn't have the manpower to administer it, Reynolds said. That's the reason for the $59 fee, which will be charged every other year as landlords need to retake the course to be updated.

Part of the program would be to require background checks on tenants to avoid tenants with criminal records. The city has been looking to implement the program for some time.

"I think it will be a good program for us. This way landlords can screen tenants properly," souncilman Larry Peterson said.

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