Maintenance pact close for Legacy Parkway Trail

Feb 17 2011 - 12:11am

FARMINGTON -- After a few years of back and forth, it appears Davis County cities are on the verge of reaching an agreement for maintenance of the Legacy Parkway Trail.

An interlocal agreement among the Utah Department of Transportation and Woods Cross, Centerville, West Bountiful, Farmington and North Salt Lake -- the five cities sharing land space on the trail -- is expected to be adopted before the month is out.

Farmington signed off on the agreement this week, the first city to do so.

Farmington City Manager Dave Millheim said his staff is reluctantly participating in the agreement only after years of effort, by many parties, had not reached a solution.

UDOT built the trail during construction of Legacy Parkway, which was completed in September 2008.

UDOT maintained the trail for more than a year, but the 12-month warranty period the department included on its trail construction ended in November 2009.

As a result, the trail has gone without maintenance since then.

Millheim and other city representatives say they are less than thrilled with having to bear the burden of maintaining the trail, especially as they had no say in its construction design.

All along the process, UDOT has maintained that its intent was to turn over the trail system to the cities.

"I think it's safe to say there isn't one city that is happy with how everything went down," Millheim said.

The interlocal agreement states the cities will take care of the trail's trash, signs, trailheads, weeds, snow, graffiti and surface maintenance, including all asphalt, road base and wood boardwalks.

UDOT will be responsible for the structural integrity of overpasses along the trail, gateway monuments and most of the trail's lighting.

What is still unknown is whether cities will each take care of their own portion of the trail, or whether they will team up to pay for a third party to handle the maintenance.

"I suspect we will try to get a third party," Millheim said. "It makes more sense than trying to coordinate things among all of the cities involved."

Millheim said the remaining four cities are expected to adopt the agreement in the coming weeks.

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