Morgan PTSOs pass on aligning with nonprofit foundation

Feb 17 2011 - 12:38am

MORGAN -- After the Morgan School District superintendent asked for better oversight of local PTSO budgets, all four organizations have decided against aligning with the Morgan Education Foundation.

Instead, all have agreed to work more closely with their sponsoring school when it comes to spending money.

"The concern arose (regarding) the impropriety of funds not only locally, but across the state in a number of different areas," said Superintendent Ken Adams.

"The advice we've been given is, those funds would be better managed if under the auspices of the district. We want to make sure they're protected for use of those monies."

Originally, Adams suggested the PTSOs align with the foundation for the benefits a nonprofit status could offer.

But PTSO leaders balked at the idea of more red tape to navigate before spending on traditional activities. PTSO leaders were also worried that money meant for a particular school would get combined with the foundation's funds that benefit all district schools.

"Some were not solidified with a trust level with how the foundation would manage that," Adams said.

All four groups will now seek their individual school principal's approval before spending money and will work with a school secretary to count and deposit funds.

Each school will account for PTSO funds in a separate line item.

"Instead of having a checking account of their own control, (PTSO money) will be within the district," said board member Bruce Galbraith.

"Access is still limited to their school, and it will not be taken and administered throughout the district."

Business Administrator D'Lynn Poll said the district's risk- management insurance would cover the school secretaries' new job responsibilities associated with handling PTSO money.

"We're not in a fight with them. We love them," Adams said of the local PTSOs. "We just want to protect both sides of the aisle."

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