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Aug 22 2010 - 7:30pm


(JENNIFER GHAN/Roy High School) Alexis Domey, a junior at Fremont High School, picked out this back-to-school shirt because it's bright and colorful.
Comfort is the reason Zach Loller, a Roy High junior, chose these new jeans.
(JENNIFER GHAN/Roy High School) Alexis Domey, a junior at Fremont High School, picked out this back-to-school shirt because it's bright and colorful.
Comfort is the reason Zach Loller, a Roy High junior, chose these new jeans.

Going into a new school year, teenagers have a lot to worry about -- schedules with unfamiliar teachers, huge textbooks and a shopping list. On the list of things to buy are binders, paper and pencils, not to mention clothes.

The shopping that teens look forward to the most at the school year's beginning is for their new wardrobe. However, they don't want just any plain old clothes -- they want to be in style.

So what is the style for the 2010-2011 school year? Some of our Top of Utah teenagers think they know what the fashion must-haves for the new year are.

Best foot forward

On the top of our trendy fashion list is footwear.

"I always need shoes for back to school because I love wearing all the new styles and the look of brand new shoes," Teesha Brown, a senior at Roy High, says.

Wyatt Hink, a junior at Syracuse High, says that a pair of cool shoes "kind of defines who you are."

"The type of shoe you wear pulls out your personality," he says.

Haley Horton, a senior at Christian Heritage School, says, "Well ... going to a private school in which we need to adhere to a dress code policy makes it tough, but I think the fashion must have is ... shoes!"

Jenna Stewart, a junior at Roy High, says she needs "pumps to look stylish."

Maddi Stanger, a junior at Syracuse High, says that she likes cute flats because they "go with everything."

A brand name like Nike is what counts for Hunter Naisbitt, a Syracuse High senior, who adds, "You have to have the Jordan going on."

"When you're walking in style, you get from place to place better," says Josh Luck, a Syracuse junior who thinks his new Nikes are tight. "If you don't have good shoes you have to fake it 'til you make it."

In your jeans

Another clothing article that is necessary to be trendy is a good pair of jeans.

"Black Skinny jeans (are required) because black is my favorite color and I like skinny jeans better than flare pants," says Jacquie Webster, a senior at Roy High.

Haley Bateman, a junior at Syracuse High, says skinny jeans "make the outfit" and "make the world go round."

It doesn't matter to Hannah Schorr, a Bonneville senior, what kind of jeans you have as long as they have "cool pockets."

Fun stuff

There are also lots of other clothing items and accessories that can help you walk down the school hallways in fashion.

"I've read a lot of places that plaid is very in this year, so my (fashion) answer is plaid," says Kate Roberts, an Ogden High senior. "It looks cool, and I got a lot of it this year so it better be awesome!"

Roberts also likes how plaid comes in so many colors.

Taylor Stuart, a Bonneville senior, says that having sunglasses and a cool watch is very stylish.

Stanger thinks that dressy headbands are a must-have: "(They) can make every hairstyle work."

Back to basics

Some teens have a very basic view of the fashion necessities.

Kayla Bunnell, an Ogden High senior, says that just wearing clothes is in style.

"Even though some people may not agree, being naked is definitely out!" Bunnell says.

Another Ogden High senior, Gerrick Lee, says that wearing matching clothes is the trendy thing to do.

But Liz Bean, a senior at Da Vinci Academy, doesn't think fashion has anything to do with your clothes at all.

"I think the best fashion someone could wear is a smile and a great attitude because people in a positive environment excel," Bean says.

Comfort wins

Other teens have a unique insight to what they feel are fashion-must-haves.

"I think everyone needs tube socks with large bunnies on each sock because large bunnies on socks are so cool. It's like having small, furry animals with you all the time," says Travis Crowley, a junior at Da Vinci Academy.

According to Horton, Crowley may be absolutely right.

"I don't really think there is (just) one must-have for the year," she says. "I think that when you find cute stuff and you wear it and feel good in it, then that is what counts ... (and) that is what makes it look good. And looking good is fashionable, right?"

TX. correspondents Charlie Anderson, Christian Heritage; McKayden Howard, Da Vinci Academy; Lindsey Larson, Roy High; Jennifer Mead, Ogden High, and Mackenzie Stevens, Bonneville High, contributed to this story.

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Michelle Thurgood will be a junior at Syracuse High School. She enjoys gymnastics, playing the clarinet and spending time with her family. E-mail her at

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