Suffering from Bieber fever?

Nov 22 2010 - 3:42am


Illustration by EDEN PARKINSON/Bonneville High School/
Illustration by EDEN PARKINSON/Bonneville High School/

Justin Bieber? Many things come to mind when this sensation's name is mentioned, things like "I heard about him on the radio," or "I saw him on SNL and CSI."

Have you ever wondered where he even came from? Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube and is the hottest singing phenomenon to spring from the site. Today he's a top artist known all over the world, from sold-out concerts to stealing the hearts of young girls.

I personally love him and suffer from Bieber Fever; I think his music is very addicting and thoughtful. His amazing lyrics are positively the cure for any girl's broken heart. So what does everyone else think of him?

"I love him, he's so cute; and he has such a good voice. He's going to be my boyfriend someday!" says Marlo Vigil, a sophomore at Bonneville High School.

Felicia Jean, a Bonneville senior, adds, "He's so cute and has an amazing voice for his age."

But Megan Hunter, a sophomore at Bonneville, says she doesn't have Bieber Fever because she just doesn't like his music.

And Alexa Barrowes, a Bonneville junior, says, "He is younger than me and sounds like a girl."

Justin, who is known by many nicknames including JBiebz, Bieber, Biebz and JB, is very young and folks wonder how old he really is. I have heard many times from people saying how can a 12-year-old make so much money?

Kyle Gunderson, a senior from Bonneville High, says he thinks Bieber looks like he's 13.

But Morgan Thorsted, a Bonneville senior, got it right when she said, "He definitely looks like he is 16 ... not 12."

My favorite song that Justin wrote is "Up." During the song, his voice is so calm and passionate while he sings. "Up" makes me wish to have a guy like Bieber someday in my life.

Paige Stanczyk, a Bonneville senior, says, "aa'Baby' is my all-time favorite song; I just love it."

"I know about five or six of his songs; they are very catchy and sweet," says Alisha Cameron, a senior at Bonneville High.

Why do teens choose Justin over other celebrities?

"Because he is our age, and is easier to relate to," says Hannah Schorr, a senior from Bonneville High.

However, Bradley Jacobson, a Bonneville senior, says, "It's because he is Canadian."

Justin Bieber reportedly makes $300,000 per show and has the opportunity to make even more. That's UnbeBieberable! Only five other artists earned more money than Biebs this past summer including Rascal Flatts, Kiss, Keith Urban, Brooks & Dunn and Sugarland.

How does he do it? Well, the answer is because of all of the support from his fans -- little girls to old women, some men and let's not forget the crazy teenage girls. Some girls would rip out another girl's hair to win an argument over who will be Justin's girlfriend one day!

"He's like a puppy dog; you can't help but to fall in love with him," says Shelby Cravens, a senior at Bonneville High.

Bonneville senior Matt Ross said he is in the process of creating a Bieber Fever "vaccine" to put this pandemic to a stop.

Whether you suffer from severe Bieber Fever or not, the heartthrob is here to stay. Some passionately love the singer and others can't stand him. Personally, I think he has enough potential to become the next Michael Jackson! Or who knows, Justin could be the next Ludacris ... at least, once his voice changes.

Ariana Golchin is a senior at Bonneville High School. She loves her kitten Sofee, and hanging out with her best friends and family. E-mail her at



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