Another thumbs up for 'Rented Rooms'

Mar 3 2011 - 7:23pm

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Dan DeLuca also weighs in, giving "We Live in Rented Rooms" 3 1/2 stars (out of 4):

"East River Pipe is F.M. Cornog, the Home Depot employee based in Summit, N.J. (he used to live in the Hoboken train station), who proves once again on his seventh album that he's a formalist pop songwriter of the first order. Cornog was once a lo-fi, homemade-cassette kind of guy; these days, he releases his records on Merge, the North Carolina indie that just won an album of the year Grammy with Arcade Fire.

"East River Pipe rarely plays live, but one hopes a wider audience awaits, because Cornog is a master of disciplined, less-is-more songcraft that reflects an AM radio upbringing, while stinging with a dry, droll sense of humor that fights to hold cynicism and despair at bay.

"There are 10 good ones here, but 'Backroom Deals,' 'The Flames Are Coming Back,' and 'Conman' are the killers."

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