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Mar 7 2011 - 3:02am


TATE CROSSLEY/Roy High School/
TATE CROSSLEY/Roy High School/

While watching prime-time television, it's hard not to see at least one or two travel commercials with catchy slogans, fine dining and beautiful landscapes -- all centered on "The Greatest Snow on Earth."

Have you ever wanted to test out just how amazing they say the Utah snow is? After years of wondering, I finally grabbed one of my best friends, Darnell Elm, and made him teach me how to ride down the mountain on a snowboard.

And now that I've tried both snowboarding and skiing, I'm here to say that snowboarding -- even though it's a bit trickier to learn -- is way more fun than skiing!

On my first trip out, needless to say I discovered some helpful tricks and had a great time. So here's my "expert" advice for the first time you go snowboarding:

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