Mar 22 2011 - 8:47am


Book spotlights night gardens

Night gardens have long been considered curiosities. But for people who work during the day, a garden that comes alive as night falls is one they can enjoy at its best.

Garden writer Lia Leendertz covers the basics of night gardening in "The Twilight Garden: Creating a Garden That Entrances by Day and Comes Alive at Night." The book helps readers design a garden that incorporates color, scent, lighting and water, and gives ideas for using that space for entertaining.

Leendertz devotes a section of the book to plants that can be the star attractions in a night garden -- plants that bloom at night, reflect moonlight or release scent as evening falls. She also suggests plants that work well in a supporting role to provide structure or color.

"The Twilight Garden" is published by Ball Publishing and sells for $26.95 in hardcover.

Saint-Onge book heavy on how-to

Stephen Saint-Onge seeks to take the scariness out of decorating in his new book, "No Place Like Home: Tips & Techniques for Real Family-Friendly Home Design" (Wiley Publishing, $19.99).

Saint-Onge is familiar to many through his television appearances and his House Calls With Stephen Saint-Onge column in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

The book is heavy on the how-to. Saint-Onge provides guidance on everything from weekend makeovers to major renovations, pointing out specific elements in each room that readers might incorporate in their own homes.

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