Where are those guys?

Apr 25 2011 - 3:02am

Looking for meals on wheels?

Torta Truck

Hours: Open Tuesdays-Thursdays

To check on locations, visit www.tortatruck.com.

Sample foods:

Torta Rustica, $6

Salad, $7

Panini, $7

Cookie, 50 cents


Chow Truck

Hours: Open Monday-Saturday

To check on locations, visit www.chowtruck.com.

Sample foods:

Tacos, $3

Calamari, $6

Sliders, $3

Salad, $5

Root Chips, $2.50

Asian drinks

The Chow Truck and other food vendors may be found at a food street festival every Thursday on Gallivan Avenue (300 South between State Street and Main Street) in Salt Lake City.

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