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May 30 2011 - 8:13pm


SHADE LEEDS/Roy High School/
SHADE LEEDS/Roy High School/

After working for 13 years, graduation is finally here!

Senior year has been both hard and fun. There were required classes to take, fines to pay, tests to take, grades to get, scholarships to apply for and admissions to college to submit. There were lists of things to do every day, and seniors were always busy.

For some, the last day of school has come and gone -- for others, it's coming soon. Yearbooks have been signed, pictures were taken and tears were shed. But there will be one last gathering of seniors before they all go their separate ways. Graduation Day is fast approaching -- and with that one more day, how do Top of Utah seniors spend it?

There are many seniors who will be partying all night long.

"I'm going to the senior all-night party. Everyone I've talked to is going," says Brianna Gotchy, a senior at Northridge High School. "I think it'll be fun because all my friends are going to be there and we get to party all night! Responsibly."

Andrew Egbert, a senior from Syracuse High, will also be spending the night celebrating his achievement.

"My understanding is that we're going to Sparetime and that there will be movies at the school." Egbert says. "I'm excited to have a really long, awesome party with my friends."

Party animals

Bonneville High seniors have the opportunity to go to The Junction in Ogden.

"We get unlimited bowling, golf, arcade games and food!" says senior Steff Arevalo. "We can also sign up for times at Flowrider and IRock and then if you pay extra you get IFly!"

On graduation night, Brian Allen will also attend an all-night party but the Northridge senior says, "Graduation day, I'm just going to kick it with friends."

Paul Crowley, a Syracuse High senior, says he will be celebrating the last 13 years of his life.

"I am indeed going to the school graduation party," Crowley said. "There will be so many activities going on. They have an indoor carnival theme with a hypnotist and a bunch of other things."

Fremont High seniors Tiffany Jackson and Jordan Berger will be going to Toad's -- an Ogden fun center with laser tag, miniature golf and go-karts -- on graduation night.

Jackson's plans are to "hang out with friends and party a ton!"

"I'm partying till the sun comes up. No sleep for me!" adds Berger.

Sitting out

With so much partying one has to wonder why we let a bunch of 18-year-olds go all out on their own. With this in mind, Bonneville High School has chaperones at their party; the students also can't come back into the party if they leave. This way, they don't bring things to the party that shouldn't be there.

Some seniors don't need chaperones though; Gotchy, for instance, says her group will be partying responsibly.

Dong Kwon, a senior from Northridge, is going to a party as well but not the one organized by the high school.

"My church members and I are going to spend all night together and just go to movies and have fun!" Kwon says.

And not every senior will be living it up. Dennis Bennett, a Northridge senior, says he doesn't like the people scene.

"I'm going to stay home with my family and just relax after working hard in high school," Bennett says.

Off on adventures

Another Northridge senior, Sarah Lofthouse, isn't going to party all night long but will be on a plane.

"I'm packing and then graduating... and then I'm going to the airport for my senior cruise! I'm so excited!" Lofthouse says.

Delilah Becher, a senior at Syracuse High, will also be leaving town before graduation parties.

"I'll be going to graduation and then I'm flying to New York," Becher says.

For some students, graduation night won't be the final end of high school acquaintances. As Allen says, "I will have the chance to embrace and reunite with all my high school friends before I leave for college."

K'Lila Bingham is a senior at Bonneville High School. She enjoys reading, photography and swimming. E-mail her at

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