Magically medicinal; experts say most people don't get enough fiber

Jul 5 2011 - 12:19pm


Photo illustration by KERA WILLIAMS/Standard-Examiner
Photo illustration by KERA WILLIAMS/Standard-Examiner

If there were a pill that could help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and prevent cancer, would you take it?

You can get all that, and more, from fiber -- yet most Americans get less than half of what they need each day.

"Diet analysis of my students shows that fiber intake is generally low," said Rod Hansen, associate professor of nutrition at Weber State University. "Thirty percent have adequate fiber. They eat a lot of mac and cheese and noodles that are not whole-wheat based. It's very low fiber. We like to get filled up quick. Fiber takes too long to chew and ingest. We don't want to put up with it."

Ogden Regional Medical Center registered dietician Katie Wewer agrees.

"Fiber is your friend because it's so good for you," she said. "Most Americans get half of what they need, if that. Most of my clients get 10 to 12 grams."


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