Flood advisory set for Farmington Canyon

Apr 27 2011 - 9:34am

FARMINGTON -- The Davis County Commission has issued a flood advisory for those living near the Farmington Canyon to keep an eye on their property this spring.

"We are trying to be proactive," Davis County Commissioner John Petroff Jr. said.

There is nearly 62 inches of water in the snowpack above Farmington, Petroff Jr. said Tuesday at the regularly scheduled commission meeting.

That puts the canyon snowpack at 176 percent of normal, higher than the state average snowpack of 153 percent of normal, Petroff Jr. said.

County public work crews have walked their drainage channels and have cleared all debris from the mountain streams, Petroff Jr. said. But those residents living in past flood zones need to exercise caution, he said.

"Citizens need to recognize what has happened in their area in the past," Petroff Jr. said.

With the high snowpack and the ground already saturated with water, there is concern for this year's spring runoff, Petroff Jr. said.

Davis County Commissioner Louenda Downs said residents also need to avoid throwing anything into the creeks or channels that may result in plugging the stream and sending the water over its banks.

But Downs assures the county is aware of the potential of flooding and is doing all they can to respond to it. "Everyone has got their eyes open watching the water," she said.


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