Weber County officials say rain unlikely to fuel flooding

May 18 2011 - 10:25pm

OGDEN -- Wet weather should not add to the area's flooding problems.

Weber County Emergency Management Director Lance Peterson said the scattered rain showers are not enough to add significantly more water to the overflowing rivers and reservoirs.

"Right now, there is nothing really to say other than we're doing OK, knock on wood," Peterson said Wednesday.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Monica Traphagan said temperatures have dropped below average, slowing the snow melt in the upper elevations.

Even with the rain, the colder temperatures and the impact on the snowmelt have allowed the weekend flood warnings to expire and reduced the immediate risk of flooding.

Peterson said they are taking advantage of the lower river levels to drain some water from the reservoirs, such as Pineview and Echo.

"They're still trying to get out as much as they can," Peterson said. "They still have to make room and even during the cold period they still have to make room."

The chance of flooding increases when the area gets more than a few days in a row of warmer weather, melting the above-average snow pack and overflowing area reservoirs.

The ideal weather scenario, Traphagan said, is three to four days of warmth, followed by three to four days of cooler temperatures, before a drastic rise in temperature in the summer.

"Not too much and not too quickly so it doesn't overwhelm the river system," Traphagan said.

The cooler weather and rain should continue through Friday and clear up by the weekend, but another storm system will be coming through, possibly Sunday night.

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