Farr West mayor in hospital

Apr 6 2010 - 11:45pm

Farr West Mayor Jimmie Papageorge was in an Ogden hospital Tuesday night after experiencing heart problems.

Officials at McKay-Dee Hospital confirmed Papageorge was a patient in the intensive care unit and said he was in stable condition.

Councilwoman Ava Painter said Papageorge had undergone open-heart surgery and had four bypasses.

"It kind of takes us off guard. We're so used to having him be our mayor," Painter said. "We're hoping that he'll make it back."

Councilman Dale Chugg is the assistant mayor and will step in while Papageorge is out, Painter said.

Papageorge was re-elected in November and had been mayor for 17 years prior to that. He has been involved in city government since Farr West was founded in 1980.

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