Utah to get at least $200K from settlement

Dec 21 2010 - 12:11am

Utah will receive more than $200,000 from a proposed settlement with Elan Corporation for improperly marketing Zonegran, its anti-epileptic drug, for unapproved purposes.

The settlement requires Elan to pay 32 states and the federal government a total of $101 million in damages and penalties to compensate Medicaid and various federal health care programs.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Zonegran 10 years ago to treat seizures.

But the government accused Elan of improperly marketing Zonegran for unapproved uses. For instance, Zonegran was promoted to pediatric neurologists even though the drug was not approved for patients younger than 16, according to the Utah Attorney's Office.

The lawsuit points out this brought false claims to state Medicaid programs and other federally funded health care programs.

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