Physical Training Uniform; wear it right, wear it proudly

Friday , August 06, 2010 - 11:14 AM

Hill AFB chiefs and first sergeants

On Oct. 28, Headquarters Air Force A1 released updated guidance in Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Appearance of Air Force Personnel, which codified appropriate wear of the Air Force Physical Training Uniform, or PTU, and the improved PTU (IPTU). Since then the key has been to educate Airmen on the appropriate wear. Observations from chiefs and first sergeants across Hill Air Force Base have concluded we are not where we should be with respect to proper wear.

The following have been noted as the Top 10 PTU violations by chiefs and first sergeants since the enforcement of the new wear policies.

Untucked shirts

Long- or short-sleeved shirts will be tucked into PTU/IPTU shorts or pants at all times. When wearing the long-sleeved PTU/IPTU shirt or sweatshirt Airmen are not authorized to push up, remove or cut the sleeves. The PTU/IPTU sweatshirt will not extend six inches below the waistline.

Cold weather accessories worn indoors

Cold weather accessories are permitted outdoors only. Scarves and earmuffs may be solid black or dark blue and may wrap around the top or rear of the head.

Incorrect color spandex

Short- or full-length solid black or dark blue spandex may be worn and visible under both the PTU/IPTU. No other colors are authorized.


Wear of black or dark blue baseball caps with the Air Force symbol or U.S. Air Force insignia on the front is permitted if approved by the installation commander. If permitted, caps are only worn outdoors.

Unzipped jackets

PTU/IPTU jackets must be zipped halfway between the waistband and collar, and jacket sleeves must end within one inch of the wrist.

Grooming standards breaches

All personal grooming standards, including jewelry and body art standards in AFI 36-2903, Table 2.5, apply with one exception: long female hair will be secured but may have loose ends.

Wearing a fleece jacket

The sage green or black fleece jackets are not authorized to be worn with the PTU/IPTU.

Incorrect color cold weather gloves

Cold weather gloves are to be plain, solid black or dark blue without logos.

Sagging pants/shorts

When wearing the PTU/IPTU running pants or shorts, the waistband is to rest at or within two inches of the natural waistline. Both pant legs are required to extend below the ankles and be zipped within one inch of the bottom.

Incorrect color/logo watch cap or stocking caps

Watch caps are required to be plain, solid black, dark blue or sage green without logos and only worn outdoors.


The complete message pertaining to the updated wear standards can be found on the Uniforms and Recognition Branch Web page located on the Air Force Portal.

Airmen have a direct voice to the uniform process through the Air Force Virtual Uniform Board, or AFVUB. Those with suggestions for improvement to the PTU or the wear can submit a uniform change request via the AFVUB Web site,

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