Gallup Poll will be checking mission accomplishment

Wednesday , July 21, 2010 - 3:21 PM

Ogden Air Logistics Center Personnel Directorate

How often have you heard about a Gallup poll on the news? We now have an opportunity to participate in a Gallup poll of our own! Gallup is a world-class research and consulting firm that employs many of the world's leading scientists in management, economics, psychology, and sociology. Members of the 309th Maintenance Wing, the 84th Combat Sustainment Wing, the 508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing, and the Personnel, Contracting, and Plans and Programs Directorates will all be participating in this year's Gallup Q12SRTm. The Q12 measures how you view your work environment. The survey will be open through Nov. 6. Last year, 4,576 people from the Maintenance Wing responded to the survey for a 67 percent response rate. This year it's hoped participation will top that.

Mark Johnson, Ogden Air Logistics Center executive director, explains, "CheckMATE, or Q12, is an incredibly valuable tool to understand and address in a positive way, employee engagement across the Air Logistics Center ... I'm sold on it. These surveys are an important reflection of workforce attitudes on key engagement questions ... and the constructive actions we take as a team to address the results, through impact planning and execution, are absolutely critical."

The Q12 is part of an Air Force Materiel Command strategy to increase engagement throughout the ccommand called CheckMATE. Engagement refers to a person's commitment to their organization. When people are engaged they work hard, they share their ideas and they help the organization move forward. That commitment or engagement is greatly influenced by the 12 critical elements asked about in the Q12. Engagement results in a better work environment and drives bottom-line business results.

"CheckMATE is an important tool in our transformation efforts," said Debra Ward, OO-ALC CheckMATE project manager. "Engagement is the bedrock upon which meaningful change is built."

Gallup sent out e-mails Oct. 26 inviting people in the organizations listed previously to participate in the Q12. If you deleted yours, please call or e-mail one of the contacts below. Of course your participation is voluntary and anonymous. The information you provide goes directly back to Gallup. No one in AFMC sees individual responses. We hope this will make you feel more comfortable in expressing your opinion. Though the survey is voluntary, we urge you to take the 3 minutes to complete it. Everyone's opinion is important if we are to get a true picture of how Team Hill is doing on these 12 critical elements. Make sure your voice is heard by participating in the Gallup Q12 through Nov. 6. If you have questions or concerns, call any of the contacts below. "Engagement Begins with You."


Project Manager Debra Ward, 586-0205

Engagement Consultant Frank Magaña, 777-6970

Lead organizational representatives

309th Maintenance Wing, Kevin Padberg, 775-4090

508th Aircraft Sustainment Wing/84th Combat Sustainment Wing, Mike Gagnon, 586-4065

Ogden Air Logistics Center Personnel Directorate, Karyn Hodgson, 586-0574

OO-ALC Contracting Directorate, Lori Lloyd, 777-5979

OO-ALC Plans and Programs Directorate, Deirdre Pleasure

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