Command Chief's log to Team Hill

Mar 18 2010 - 11:00am

I am writing this news article, which it hurts to have to write.

Since my arrival two months ago, we have been fighting drug use issues, so I thought I'd share with you an update.

This week we sent the first of the many soon-to-come Airmen out of the Air Force and off the installation as a civilian for the use of Spice. This one was sent away with a less-than-honorable discharge.

So Spice is the ticket ...your ticket out the gate!

The Uniform Code of Military Justice states the use of any mind-altering substance other than alcohol is strictly prohibited; Spice is exactly that prohibited substance.

Scarier yet, we don't know anything about Spice, its long term effects or what you will have to deal with later in life because of its use. Wow, what a chance to take with your future in so many ways!

My No. 1 concern with Spice is that it hurts our nation and its defense. We have no place for abusers of drugs; people's lives depend on our mental and physical fitness. So to ensure we maintain these attributes, we will put Spice users out of our Air Force and continue the business of national defense.

Team: Spice has no place in or amongst Team Hill. We are working hard to eliminate its presence and if you look around one day and someone isn't there because they used Spice it means we are doing our job. Please, let's make sure we all work together to keep our community strong and drug free.

Proud to serve,


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