Motorcycle safety mandatory briefings available just ahead

Wednesday , July 21, 2010 - 3:19 PM

Mary Lou Gorny - Hilltop Times editor

Allan Woods, Motorcycle Safety Program Manager, reminds riders that the Hill Riders Association and 75th Air Base Wing Safety personnel will be hosting the Mandatory Annual/Preseason Motorcycle Safety Briefings on March 30 and April 7. Briefings each day will be 6 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

"Military personnel and Department of Defense civilians will need to schedule their briefing times and dates through their training manager in the TSS system prior to attendance," Woods said. "That attendance will be tracked in the TSS system. Bring your Computer Access Card with you to have it scanned for credit after the briefing."

All other motorcycle riders with base access are encouraged to attend the one-hour briefings.

"As we clean and polish our motorcycles for that first big ride, we need to remember the most important pre-ride step, Woods said. "Before you climb on your bike and head for the open road, you will need to perform a thorough inspection of your entire motorcycle to insure it is safe and ready for the road.

"I suggest using the T-CLOCS inspection checklist ... This is a great inspection guide or tool," Woods said.

This checklist will guide you through a thorough inspection of your motorcycle and when completed your motorcycle should be ready to ride.

Woods also suggests that once you have made sure your motorcycle is road ready, every rider should consider refresher training.

"Since a large number of our riders have many years of experience, we don't all feel that refresher training is necessary," he said. "If we make it a habit to become lifelong learners, we give ourselves a much better opportunity to become very old riders. Actually it is our veteran riders who provide the most positive comments concerning our Experienced Rider Course."

The Experienced Rider Course, or ERC, is a one-day course spent primarily on the training range riding your motorcycle.

He recommends it because, "It's the bad habits we aren't aware of that eventually catch up with us and cause a problem."

ERC riders with an endorsement on their state-issued license can pick up a temporary pass from the Safety Office (Building 383, Room 202) to ride on base for 30 days prior to a scheduled course.

The Basic Rider Course on base is a two-day course and is designed toward the newer rider, scooter riders and riders who haven't ridden in a few years and are getting back into the sport. New riders and scooter operators must complete the BRC prior to attending an ERC. Part of the course is spent in the classroom and the rest of the time riding on the training range. The BRC helps new riders familiarize themselves with their motorcycles, learn how to properly operate them and learn how to recognize and avoid road hazards. Most of all they learn to be comfortable with operating their motorcycle and its handling in order to pay full attention and enjoy the safe riding experience.

Woods suggests BRC riders pick up their course materials to familiarize themselves with the course content and a temporary pass from his office three days prior to their scheduled course date. "When you come for your pass you will need to bring proof of insurance, registration and your license or permit," he said.

You must have a state issued temporary permit or a license with a motorcycle endorsement on it to ride on base for your class. If you have a temporary permit you are only allowed to ride beginning on the day of your scheduled course.

It is a requirement for all military personnel and all DoD civilian employees to have an endorsement on their license along with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation completion card on them at all times and all required personal protective equipment, or PPE, in order to be eligible to ride on base. Military personnel must observe these regulations while riding on and off an installation. To find out exactly what the required PPE is for base riding contact your UMSC or the 75th ABW Ground Safety Office.

"Last season we had a huge campaign to help educate our riders concerning the use of proper personal protective equipment while riding on base," Woods said. Over all there was a great response and riders became compliant, he said.

As a reminder, all base riders must wear a brightly colored outer upper garment by day and reflective during hours of darkness at all times while riding on base. This includes leaving the base after your shift is finished. If you wear a backpack it must be brightly colored by day and reflective during hours of darkness.

Retirees, dependants and contractors are not required to complete a MSF course to ride on base at this time, however, all PPE requirements apply to all base riders. Woods highly recommends the completion of one of the safety courses for riders safety. The courses are free of charge and begin April 22 through October. After March 15 you will be able to schedule your course at

"To get a copy of the T-CLOCS Inspection Checklist, see your Unit Motorcycle Safety Coordinator, or UMSC, in your area," Woods said. If you don't have a UMSC assigned in your area, call him at (801) 777-3333 Ext. 2.

For more information on the T-CLOCS Inspection checklist visit

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