Action Line: Question and Answer

May 13 2010 - 3:21pm

Question: I have used the chain of command and can't get an answer other than "I don't know." My question is why isn't random drug testing applicable to all base civilian personnel? I am alarmed that so very few civilians are being tested. Drug testing is a wonderful tool to weed out security risks and impaired decision making. It ensures a safe and healthy work environment.


Answer: Thanks for your question. Based on legal standards applied Air Force-wide, the positions currently included in the pool for random testing are limited based on factors such as critical safety and/or security responsibilities as related to the mission of the Air Force. These positions directly relate to public health and safety, the protection of life and property, law enforcement or national security. Individuals are tested when they are selected for the designated positions and randomly thereafter. However, in addition to random testing, employees may be tested anytime a supervisor reasonably believes that they are impaired by illegal drugs. Employees may also be tested after being involved in specified types of accidents or mishaps.

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