Medical treatment facility town hall meeting

Wednesday , July 21, 2010 - 3:19 PM

Mary Lou Gorny - Hilltop Times Editor

In a town hall meeting presenting information on construction and upgrades to the medical treatment facility held May 10, Col. Donald Hickman, 75th Medical Group commander, answered questions and assured those present that everything would be done to help keep confusion to a minimum.

The $2.1 million renovation begins May 19 and will initially block hallway access to the Airman's Clinic from the rest of the medical treatment facility. Access via the northeast entryway will be unaffected.

Access to the main lobby will also be limited July 1 as the entryway from the northeast is blocked. Access via the southeast doors near the pharmacy will be unaffected.

The pharmacy activation window will also change to a nearby location in the lobby area during construction.

Questions concerning access to care at the facility were raised for those with complicated medical problems.

Dr. Matt Wonnacott talked about the recent emphasis on the Family Health Initiative in which every effort is made to make sure continuity of care is followed.

"If you can wait (for a medical treatment visit), then it's best to be seen by someone who has seen you before," he said. However, if not, a trained professional will be available.

"The emphasis here is on family practitioners," he said. Training is ongoing so that advanced treatments may eventually be available.

With 65,000 people eligible for treatment at the facility, priority must be given to active duty and Reserve personnel and their families, Wonnacott said.

The clinic will be closed the following days in May:

May 24, noon-5 p.m. - Wingman Day

May 28 - AFMC Family Day

May 31 - Memorial Day

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