AADD adds program for the military through Yellow Cab, effective July 2

Jul 1 2010 - 2:39pm

Airmen Against Drunk Driving will activate the Last Resort Ride Home, or LRRH program, July 2.

The program provides Airmen with a free and safe ride home using the Yellow Cab taxi company.

"This will be an option, but it should be a last resort option," said Senior Airman, Zahira Martinez, AADD program manager.

This should make it possible to use the service for more than 35 miles away from the base without fear of recrimination to get home safely.

Last Resort Ride Home guidelines

*The miltary member must inform the dispatcher they would like to use the Last Resort Ride Home program.

* is a free ride for members outside the 35 mile coverage provided by AADD.

*The person requesting the service must be an active duty military member. (Civilians can use the AADD program but not the LRRH program.)

*There is no age limit.

*The member may only be taken to his or her place of residence (not to be used for club hopping).

*It may be a multiple drop off. However it is not to include more than two locations. (If it is more than two locations it will be at the members' own expense.)

*Must provide full name (first and last) and complete phone number.

Information is for the taxi cab driver so he can ensure he is picking up the correct member or members.

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