Tips for keeping car safety fun for kids

Jul 15 2010 - 8:52am

Of course, buckling a child up in a safety seat or seatbelt can sometimes be easier said than done. Here are eight tips to help keep your children happy and safe at the same time:

1.Start early.

2.Be consistent. Always buckle up your child.

3.Use encouraging words. Be comforting and loving so that the child realizes you are buckling them up because you care.

4.Set an example. Be an example and be consistent so that children aren't confused.

5.Use a travel bag. Have special toys and games that the child can play with in the car.

6.Let them see out. Children will often enjoy riding in a car if they can see out.

7.Be firm. If you have to, stop the car and re-buckle the child if he or she has gotten out.

8.Be comforting. Talk to your child, hum, sing or play games. Make special efforts on trips to ensure that the child is comfortable.

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