Team Hill's 'S-Team' stands tall for any challenge

Jul 29 2010 - 12:05pm

Not too long ago, I found myself thinking about the significant roles both the operations and support functions of an organization have on the organization's overall mission success. Having served 24 years in the active duty Army and now several years as a federal civilian employee, I've always viewed everyone in my chain of command as an equally essential part of the team.

Whether you're a military member, federal employee or contractor, it should go without saying that your role -- operations, maintenance or other support function -- is absolutely vital to our nation's defense.

In today's fast-paced world where many of us are overcome by competing demands, improbable bottom lines and no-kidding deadlines it's easy to overlook the contributions of the entire team. It's easy to focus on the pointy end of the spear where the highly visible part of the mission is happening, and it's easy to forget that the mission doesn't happen without an entire team of artisans who make it possible in the first place.

With the summer vacation period moving into high gear, many of us are planning to spend some quality time with our family and friends. That said, I think it's important we take a moment to reflect and think about the many freedoms this country enjoys courtesy of the war-fighter serving in harm's way. In the same breath, I think it's also important to remember the men and women supporting from the home front. These are the professionals in the background that come to work every day and give all that they have in support of our nation's defense.

In some circles they are referred to as the S-Team because their actions are both stellar and stealthy, their response is strong and swift, they are extremely sophisticated, smart and savvy in all that they do. They are an incredible team of subject matter experts standing tall to take on the next challenge placed on our nation's Air Force with enthusiasm, vigor and the highest levels of professionalism.

It doesn't matter what your job is. If you're one of the several thousand professionals that make up the Team Hill institution, your role is value added. Together we contribute to the mission of our nation's defense, and for that I say thank you.

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