7-year-old church skipping driver featured on 'Today'

Jul 31 2009 - 10:47pm

PLAIN CITY -- A 7-year-old Plain City boy who made national headlines this week after taking his family's car out for a spin to skip out on church was featured on the "Today" show in New York City on Friday.

Preston Scarbrough, sitting next to his parents and 15-year-old sister, told correspondent Meredith Viera that he learned how to drive by playing video games.

He also added that since the chase, he has been put on punishment and has not been allowed to watch television or play video games.

Preston's father, Daniel, told Viera he still made his son go to church on Sunday after the chase.

He also said that, although people are now joking about his son taking the car, the situation could have been tragic because the boy ran several stop signs.

When asked if he would ever take the car out again, Preston shook his head no.

The boy was seen driving through a stop sign Sunday morning near 4100 W. 1975 North.

A witness called 911. and two deputies caught up with the boy a few blocks away.

Preston then led them on a chase reaching speeds of up to 40 mph that ended at his home on the 5000 block of 1500 North.

When confronted by his parents, the boy told them he took the car to keep from going to church.

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