South Ogden man charged in check scam

Sep 24 2009 - 9:32am


Brody Greg Boyer
Brody Greg Boyer

SOUTH OGDEN aEU" A man wanted on suspicion of opening a number of bogus bank accounts and writing in excess of $50,000 in phony checks was recognized by a South Ogden detective while shopping at Newgate Mall on Monday and arrested.

Brody Greg Boyer, 31, faces multiple forgery-related charges and was released on $55,000 bail. He also has a pending prescription drug case in Davis County, according to court documents.

In September, Boyer used phony business names to open checking accounts at a number of financial institutions in Weber County, police say.

He would then take checks from those accounts and use them to open other business accounts, depositing checks between institutions and withdrawing the money before it was discovered funds were insufficient to cash the checks, said South Ogden Police Lt. Lance London.

Boyer is accused of taking more than $50,000.

Police started investigating Boyer after one of the financial institutions reported the fraudulent transactions.

An arrest warrant was issued for Boyer late last week. London said Boyer was able to open fraudulent accounts at several institutions, including Chase Bank, Bank of America, Weber Credit Union and America First Credit Union. Toward the end of the scheme, police say, Boyer found it harder to commit more fraudulent transactions, but still managed to use the checks almost until his arrest Monday.

aEUoeHe even used one of the bogus checks to pay a fine at South Ogden city,aEU London said.

Layton police say Boyer has been arrested there three times in the past two years.

In February, he was arrested at an Office Depot after reportedly trying to pull a buy-and-return scheme at the store over a three-day period, said Layton Police Lt. Quinn Moyes.

"He went in and purchased a laptop computer,aEU Moyes said. aEUoeThen 15 minutes later, he exchanged it for an upgraded model, but the laptop was not in the box, just packing material.aEU

The next day, Boyer reportedly exchanged the first computer for cash and more merchandise.

ThataEU(tm)s when the store became suspicious and caught on to the scheme, Moyes said.

When Boyer came into the store for a third straight day, police arrested him.

Layton police arrested Boyer again last month at an Intermountain Healthcare pharmacy after staff reported he had walked in with phony prescriptions and tried to obtain painkillers.

aEUoeHe even walked into the pharmacy with a bandage wrapped around his head,aEU Moyes said. aEUoeHe later admitted he used that as a prop to get the prescriptions.aEU

Boyer is facing three felony charges of falsifying, forging or altering a prescription in that case. He pleaded guilty to the charges related to the Office Depot case, was placed on 12 monthsaEU(tm) probation and got credit for time served. After getting out on those cases, police say he continued with the business check scheme.

At one point at the end of the check scam, London said, Boyer tried to get friends involved.

No others have been arrested in the case, and police believe the friends he persuaded to participate may have not known of the scam.
aEUoeWhen everything dried up, he recruited other people to open new accounts,aEU London said.

aEUoeHe would approach friends in what he described as a business opportunity. He told them they would be a silent partner.aEU

Boyer will make an initial appearance Sept. 30 in 2nd District Court on charges related to the most current case. According to court documents, Boyer has had a number of theft convictions dating as far back as 1996.

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