Grammar-challenged robber: 'Give money, I gun'

Mar 31 2011 - 1:39pm

A grammatically challenged ex-con has admitted that he robbed a TCF Bank in Fridley, Minn.

Joe Nathan Michael, 48, pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court in Minneapolis to the heist on May 20, 2010, which briefly netted him about $2,000.

According to the plea agreement:

Michael gave the teller a note that read "Give money, I gun," leaving her confused about what he wanted, similar to the scene in Woody Allen's 1969 movie, "Take the Money and Run," where the teller can't read the robber's handwriting.

Michael cleared things up: He told the teller to give him all the money and not to push any buttons.

As the teller fidgeted with the keys to unlock her cash drawer, Michael reminded her not to push any buttons and intimated that he was armed by putting his left hand in his jacket pocket.

She handed over $1,991, recorded bait bills and a concealed electronic tracking device.

Michael jammed the money in his jacket and took off on foot.

Police, provided with a description, saw Michael standing at a nearby bus stop. Officers ordered him to take his hands out of his pocket and hit the ground. He refused, prompting the officers to take him down and cuff him. The money, bait bills and tracking device were found on him.

Michael's criminal history includes convictions in Minneapolis for felony robbery, felony domestic assault, and gross misdemeanors for domestic assault and assault.

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