An outrageous case of elder abuse

Jun 25 2010 - 10:16am

(UNEDITED) Residents of Weber County be warned, feeding homeless cats could very well put you behind bars, especially if Anne Davis of the Animal Advocacy Alliance of Utah gets her way. Eight-Five year old Reese Ransom just found this out. His kind heart and a bowl of warm milk could make him a bona fide felon.

The public should be aware that if attacked by an animal, protecting and defending ones self could very well bring a Weber County Deputy Sheriff to your door and a summons in your mail. From the details in the Standard-Examiner article I fail to see animal cruelty. However, what seems very plain to me is an outrageous case of elder abuse perpetrated by Ms. Davis and Weber County law enforcement. Where and how do I sign up to defend Ransom.

Ron Kirby


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