We will likely have a UN-style constitution

Jun 29 2010 - 2:52pm

(UNEDITED)Many people are clamoring for amendments to the Constitution to rein in our ever-expanding, intrusive, and oppressive federal government, as if additional amendments would stop the government dead in its tracks. The problem is not the Constitution. The government has ignored, misinterpreted, and violated it with impunity for more than a century.

The original Constitution has been amended 27 times. Article V provided for states to adopt incremental changes when warranted to adapt to unanticipated circumstances. However, the Founders intentionally made it very difficult to tamper with the Constitution, which requires three-fourths of the state legislatures to ratify amendments. The federal government is unauthorized to amend it, but that hasn't prevented the government from effectively amending it anyway for more than a century with unconstitutional congressional legislation, presidential "executive orders" (Theodore Roosevelt issued over 1000), and legislation from the bench by activist Supreme Court Justices.

None of those 27 amendments were adopted by a constitutional convention. Article V also authorizes conventions as an alternate method to amend the Constitution, but the Founders warned against it. A convention would empower the delegates to scrap the existing Constitution and replace it with a socialist constitution (like a United Nations-style constitution), under which citizen's rights would be endowed by government

just the opposite of what the Declaration of Independence teaches: "all men ... are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights". The Constitution does not prohibit a runaway convention.


State legislatures would select convention delegates, and most state and federal legislatures, politicians, and law-enforcement officials, deeply resent constitutional restraints anyway. The original Constitution has a small constituency compared to big-government UN-friendly state and federal politicians (democrats and republicans), and powerful corporate lobbyists who largely control Congress, as former congressman Merrill Cook testified. The chances of not getting a UN-style constitution would be next to zero.

Walter Winters






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