Use balance of bailout funds for jobs bill

Jul 2 2010 - 1:54pm

(UNEDITED)This is a fine time for the US Senators and Representatives to balk at any attempt to create any kind of jobs legislation that could help the citizens of the US get employment and stop the insanity of this recession. There is at least $350 billion

dollars of the so-called bailout money residing somewhere, just waiting to be released. Why not use that nest egg to help in this time of need? Certainly, there are other issues that are taking the attention of some but most of us are trying to find a job at will help pay the day-to-day expenses. There are a few senators and representatives who are trying to get elected, some for the first time and others for another term in the office that they hold. Why aren't they using this time to lobby for assistance for a jobs bill that would help those who are out of work and desperate to get employment to get them off the unemployment? Those senators and representatives who are not running for re-election should be the officials who should be working the hardest to get a jobs bill that will do just what was

described above. Where is the help for those of us who are willing to go to work and help end this recession and economic slow-down? Why not use the balance of the bailout funds to finance this endeavor?

Clifford Tornow




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