Republicans did nothing about immigration

Jul 14 2010 - 5:45pm

I have to laugh every time I see Sen. Hatch complaining about things not being done. The latest is the immigration problem. The Republicans had eight years in charge and were too busy starting wars to worry about immigration. The Republicans are complaining about Obama being friendly with the current president of Mexico. How soon they've forget about the friendship Bush had with the last Mexican president. How many years has Hatch been in office? Surely in that time he could have done something aabout immigration. Bennett has just finished three terms and has also done nothing about immigration.

Right now, the Republican party is more interested in keeping the war in Afghanistan going. Just listen to Sen. McCain.

The Republicans also want to make the American taxpayers pay for the problems in the Gulf of Mexico. Lee, the man who won over Hennett and is running for senator in Utah agrees. Don't charge BP for the spill. Let the taxpayers pay. Reading of all the tax advantages that the oil companies enjoy makes one ill. And we still don't know what Cheney promised them. It was done in secret and is still secret.

The Republicans are doing everything possible to keep President Obama from doing anything. They promised they would, and they are succeeding. Why isn't the tea party about that?

Mary Eldridge

North Ogden

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