Informed voters can purge representatives

Jul 29 2010 - 9:45am

Congress' poor performance has created a movement for a constitutional amendment for term limits, but the voters are responsible for their congressmen, not the Constitution, which protects their freedom to exercise their collective will through Congress indefinitely. The danger of being thrown out in the next election is the greatest motivator for honest representation.

With a term-limit amendment, congressmen would be lame ducks during their final term, and the people would lose their leverage to hold them accountable.

Voters can "throw the bums out" after one term, or several terms. Incumbents Bob Bennett, Arlen Specter, and Tray Grayson, were voted out without another amendment. In 1992, 124 new congressmen were elected. In 1994, 87 new Representatives and 11 new Senators were elected. However, those replacements didn't eliminate a fundamental problem. An ignorant electorate will invariably replace one set of bums for another, and eventually vote themselves into slavery. The 22nd Amendment limited future presidents to two terms, but the socialist policies of four-term Roosevelt were vastly expanded by the next 12 presidents.

Thomas Jefferson warned: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be."

Ezra Taft Benson taught: "We must study and learn for ourselves the principles laid down in the Constitution, which have preserved our freedoms for the last two hundred years. An informed citizenry is the first line of defense against anarchy and tyranny."

If voters studied the Constitution and did their homework, they could intelligently and responsibly exercise their existing term limits power in the form of elections.

Holding our representatives accountable to their constitutional responsibilities is the most important thing voters could do to solve the political, social, and economic problems in this country. That's the little-known power of the ballot box and genius of the Constitution, which includes Congress' power to rein in a rogue president or Supreme Court.

Walter Winters







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